Our Chiropractic Technique – Upper Cervical 

As its name implies, the Upper Cervical Technique focuses primarily on the upper cervical section of the spine. In particular, Dr. Omar Clark will examine the resting alignment of the first two bones in the neck, called the atlas and the axis. Misalignment between these two bones near the base of the skull can cause interference in nervous system signals between the brain and the rest of the body.

Since the pathway from the brain stem to the spine is the main conduit for nerve impulses, we focus on these misalignments within the Upper Cervical area of the spine and apply precise, gentle corrections. This action can remove nervous signal distortions to allow your body to operate at maximum health and responsiveness.

 Why Focus on the Upper Cervical Spine Area?

The Upper Cervical Spine is a critical region for the body’s normal functionality. Information travelling directly to or from the brain stem passes through here, often millions of times a minute. Many of the body’s most important functions are governed through this pathway, including heartbeats, breathing, digestion, subconscious muscle coordination, and dilation or constriction of veins and arteries.

Despite the region’s vital importance, our bodies have not adapted as many natural protections as the rest of the spine against shock, friction, stress or pressure. There are no intervertebral discs in this area, and there are also much fewer supporting ligaments compared to the rest of the spine. Complicating matters further, these two bones move on a horizontal plane contrary to the rest of the spine’s vertical movement.

Let us restore your body’s natural functionality and melt away years of stress or tension. We always use gentle, precise adjustments in combination with state-of-the-art technology to assess your spine, and provide the care needed for every specific situation.

When this area experiences trauma, shock or pressure — even in small amounts — it can cause issues with our immune response, our vital functions and our general wellness.

At Experience Family Chiropractic, Dr. Omar Clark has superb knowledge of the nervous system, spinal structure, and the healing art of chiropractic care thanks to many years of intense study and practice. Rather than providing treatment for specific illness or symptoms, we use our chiropractic care to improve your energy, nervous system performance, and natural healing ability.  By correcting the issue at the root cause (subluxation), we can help your nervous system function optimally.

Posture Ray Technology

Good posture is eloquent by design in both form and function. Our bodies are designed to have the head, rib cage, and pelvis perfectly balanced upon one another when viewed from the front and side. When the posture is not balanced, the spine is also misaligned.

Abnormal posture is associated with the development and progression of many spinal conditions and injuries such as increased muscle activity and disc injury, spinal subluxation, scoliosis, fatigue, sports injuries, low energy, back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, shoulder and ankle injuries, nerve system tension patterns as well as many other conditions.

Postural abnormalities in adolescent years are a source of pain syndromes and early arthritis in adulthood. Ideally, posture should be checked and corrected in children before more severe problems occur.


At Experience Family Chiropractic, your posture is checked by taking a front and side view picture, then we use special software to analyze your body alignment. From your individualized report, we recommend specific care for effective posture correction.